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How to Seal Glass Vials
Step 1 : Place stopper securely in vial. Do not force it in but gently apply pressure in a circular motion until a good motion is made. These stoppers may not go in all the way. They are made with larger tops for leverage and a wider base to make a good seal.

Step 2 : Simply cut off the excess using a razor. This will leave a flat clean surface to place some glue on and make your cap go on with ease. The glue will also seal off the top making it for air tight. You can also elect to just trim off the excess so your cap will fit. Finger nail clippers does an exellent job if you choose to do this.

Step 3 : Place some glue in your cap and over the sealed top of the vial and them place together. You can wipe any excess glue that comes out. Let it dry accordingly.

Hints : You can use baby oil or liquid paraffin to fill the vials. To colour paraffin, we advice you to use food colouring powder. But this powder is a very strong material therefore use it very little.
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